“I’m bored.”

How many of us have heard our children utter those words? If you and I are honest, I’m sure that each of us can remember a time when we’ve expressed those same words. Yet, how can we be bored while living in the world that God created? The world is filled with wonder, but somehow we have managed to lose interest.

In his article, “Everything is Interesting: Raising Educated People,” Jerram Barrs addresses the wide-spread problem of boredom and cynicism. He writes:

We live in a culture filled with boredom and cynicism—even among our children. It is a tragic commentary on our culture that you can meet 16 and 17-year-old kids who are apathetic about their own existence and bored much of the time. And it is not only teenagers for whom this is a problem. I meet many young children whose natural curiosity and excitement has already been turned to boredom. How has the insatiable curiosity which occurs so naturally in little children been quenched? Why are there so many bored children and young people in our contemporary society?

In the article, Barrs names and discusses three factors that have contributed to the bordom and cynicism of our culture: television, (lack of) parental involvement, and postmodern culture. Yet, he doesn’t just leave us with criticism. Instead, he gives parents some practical suggestions for combating these problems. I encourage you to take some time and read Barrs article. It is available here.


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